Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome to Model Life Magazine

    Model life magazine isn't like any other "model magazine," we are about passion, inspiration, dedication, and desire. Our model and boutique experts are dedicated to providing an interactive experience. Monthly games, promotions and an open-door policy let MLM connect more intimately with our growing fan base. 
    Team MLM has proven to be dedicated and passionate as we have launched our first issue in just 10 days reaching over 3,000 readers! Despite setting high standards, we are diligently working to make our January issue even better. It will be filled with coupons that save buyers even more and will showcase the best of the best that boutiques have to offer. We’ve even caught the eye of a major department store- AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!! 
    Model Life Magazine is dedicated to design and motivation while providing our viewers with new and creative ideas to bring about enrichment in life. This magazine has already proven to be a big hit with over 2,000 fans on the facebook page in our first month. The staff at Model Life Magazine has some big and exciting things planned for upcoming issues that you wouldn't want to miss. One of the exciting upcoming events is a giveaway that will reach over 50,000 combined fans. 
    We always invite new ideas or suggestions and would love to know what is on your mind. We welcome boutiques, models, photographers and anyone longing for a chance to share your unique perspective and expertise. Read and agree to the submission guidelines posted on our Facebook page and send us your suggestions, ideas, or even you products. Whatever your strengths, we would love to work with you to make Model Life Magazine grow. 
     At Model Life Magazine it is our mission to be a resource for parents, and while we always have a flair fashion, we believe in celebrating the whole child and providing inspiration to help parents create their own Model Life. 

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